Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ukrainian revolution: from 1994 to 2014 – moving forward or circular path?

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I have drawn this caricature in 1994. Recently I’ve found this among old papers and was dumbfounded by such a discovery. 
The name of this caricature is “Ukraine – moving to the future”. It is exactly how I saw situation in my Country those times and politicians etc. as a driving force of Ukrainian society, after crash of the USSR Empire. The theater of absurd.

What changed from those times till now? Nothing. Except of a fact that theater of absurd became much more brutal.

What will be tomorrow? I don’t know. I know only one thing – it has to be destroyed by any price. Current system, all of old Soviet “Red Directors”, criminals, corrupt and many others which prevent our people to have the same rights and access to resources, must be brushed out from the surface of this land. Theater of absurd must be destroyed.

We are just “money of exchange” at the hands of Countries of The First World today. We were sold to Russian Empire for a small price. Nothing special, just a matter of Global Politics. We understand. 

But we are bad slaves, as history proves very often. We are good warriors. Don’t forget about it.

We are not afraid of war, we are not afraid of death and we, the Ukrainian people, will not stop. We will change our Country and our life to best. We are ready to pay a big price for this, even our lives.
We will fight for our Country and we will build a new Country of our dreams, despite evil efforts of all of aggressors and betrayers. It is not easy, but we have never had an easy life.

Glory to Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!

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