Monday, March 4, 2013

The Tale of a kitten who dreamt of flying in the sky. How the kitten became a Man. Comics.

Kitten Johnny loved his mom and enjoyed every day of his life especially bathing in tub

Once upon a time there was a kitten, let’s call him Johnny. It was an ordinary kitten, the same as billions of other kitties on the Earth. He loved his mom and enjoyed every day of his life. By the way, in those times every day of his life was sunny in spite of weather condition outdoors.

Little kitten is playing with fallen leaves while his granny gathering them. Funny pictures, cats, comics

Johnny enjoyed everything and sometimes didn’t make note of sad look of his old grannies. He hadn’t got any grandpas because one of them was fallen in the Great War, second survived two Great Wars, but passed away before Johnny has been born.  Johnny had no idea about a real Revolution and Gulag. Grannies remembered it very well but didn’t like to tell much about it.