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The true story of the conquest of Space in the USSR

Drawings of 14-year old Soviet schoolboy in his math copybook, dated 1987

Funny comics about Space adventures of the Soviet astronaut.
astronaut is ready to go into the space, drawings, funny pictures, comics, caricatures

1. Comrades! Our people made the feat, Space opened to us, and today a man is flying into the Space!
2. The powerful rocket will take a brave astronaut above the sky and higher, into the Space!
3. Comrades! Remember his name! A few minutes later, Proclus Awrywing (this is the name of the brave astronaut) will fly away to the stars! Hurrah, comrades!

Brave astronaut preparing to fly into the space, getting to rocket, fueling, funny pictures, comics, caricatures

4. Brave astronaut climbs aboard a space ship!
5. The ladder removed. Astronaut says goodbye to the Earth.
6. Preparatory works are almost finished, start will be soon.

Astronaut suggested, time to start, pressed button of rocket engines ignition, funny pictures, comics, caricatures

7. A Catastrophe! A supporting lug of launching pad has not withstood the pressure and broke! What will happen to our brave astronaut?
8. What the noise? What the hell is going on outside? May be supporting lugs were taken away… So, it’s time to start. Key to start! Ignition!
9. Oh my God! What the General Secretary of Communist Party will say? What will people say?
10. Save yourself, escape! He switched on ignition of rocket engines!

Frightened people looking at rocket, flies down deep in the ground, down, funny pictures, comics, caricatures

11. The rocket went into the ground, like a knife in the butter and flowed down.
12. Cherish the memory of the deceased hero!

Astronaut turned on overview screen, amazing picture, journey to Venus, admired view enough, funny pictures, comics, caricatures

13. Here we go!  The spaceship carries an unsuspecting astronaut deeper and deeper…
14. So here you are, Space!
15. Proclus turned on an overview screen and saw an amazing picture. After having admired of view enough, the Cosmonaut decided to sleep, because he had a long journey to Venus!
16. Waking up, Proclus realized that congestion is growing.  
- Oh, I probably will soon be landing!

Aborigines escape in terror from landing spacecraft, rocket spaceship landing, funny pictures, comics, caricatures

17. Somewhere in the same tine...
18. Save yourself!

Russian cosmonaut listens to national Soviet Union anthem, staying before red flag, saluting, funny pictures, comics

19. Hi, an alien Planet!
20. Astronaut got out of the space ship and installed a red flag of the USSR. He listens to the national anthem of the Soviet Union staying before the flag and saluting. But suddenly an arrow flies over him.

Couple accurate shots made situation for aboriginals quite difficult, astronaut shoot, gun, funny pictures, comics, caricatures

21. “It is an assault” – decided Proclus. Such an inhospitable natives Act offended former Special Forces major, and he decided to take action.

Wild proletariat, patriarchal village, revolutionary theory, Communist economic, bright future, normal people, funny pictures, comics, caricatures

22. After a brief but brutal battle the natives decided to surrender.
23. It is the proletariat! – decided Proclus. But such a wild proletariat! I need to give them a revolutionary theory! Then they become normal people!
24. Hmm ...  Here is their patriarchal village. It's time to change everything here!
25. Here is all you need! And Proclus gave to aboriginal full set of books about Communist economical theory.

life of Papuans changes, factory, wheat fields, plants, combine, balloon, airplane, production, funny pictures, comics, caricatures

26. A year has passed. Huge changes have occurred in the life of Papuans. New plants and factories have grown there, wheat come into ear in the fields...

The End.

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