Sunday, February 10, 2013

The true story of the conquest of Space in the USSR

Drawings of 14-year old Soviet schoolboy in his math copybook, dated 1987

Funny comics about Space adventures of the Soviet astronaut.
astronaut is ready to go into the space, drawings, funny pictures, comics, caricatures

1. Comrades! Our people made the feat, Space opened to us, and today a man is flying into the Space!
2. The powerful rocket will take a brave astronaut above the sky and higher, into the Space!
3. Comrades! Remember his name! A few minutes later, Proclus Awrywing (this is the name of the brave astronaut) will fly away to the stars! Hurrah, comrades!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Positive mood and behavior to the end!

Man is smiling and kidding before his execution in last minute of life despite on loaded rifles pointed at his heart.

Positive mood and behavior are good things even before the execution, when loaded rifles are pointed at your heart. It makes our lives easier in last minutes… 


Mission: go to the forest, find and catch a rabbit.

CIA 4 hours later: "We interrogated every our source, every bush and stone. After careful investigation we draw a conclusion that rabbit doesn’t exist at all."

FBI 24 hours later: "Rabbit has escaped. But it couldn’t make off too far."

KGB 20 minutes later: Got a bear, beat him within an inch of his life and the bear says: "I am a rabbit. My mother and father were rabbits."